Text Ad Exchange with Classified Ads Look and Feel!

Share some space on your website for text ads, and others will share space on their website to show your text ads. Not classified ads, but with a familiar look and feel of classified ads. Instead of appearing on one webpage, your ad can be seen on thousands of pages!

Our Text Ad Exchange is Free to Join.
Get 10,000 (ten thousand) Free Ad Credits for Joining!
Earn Ad Credits, and Referral Credits by Promoting in Traffic Exchanges and Mailers.

If you want free ads through cooperating with others by putting ads on your website, just join us with an Exchange Account.
We offer a standard 2:1 display ratio for free member exchange ads.
Extra advertising can be purchased at low prices.

Click Here to Join as an Exchange User

If you don't want ads on your website but want your ads seen in our network, join us with an advertiser account.

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I want to get you results. I work hard to get your ad seen by real people, but I can't promise clicks and sales.
Prices start at just $7.00 for 50,000 impressions.
Feeling good today? Sometimes I have a great day and I decide to give away impressions to members just because I can.

Earn 5,000 free impressions for every referral.

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